Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight meets The Hunger Games

How's that for a title?  That was my dream last night!  Edward, Bella, and Jacob were three of the contestants in the next Hunger Games.  And like in the end of the book The Hunger Games, partners were allowed. But in my dream, the players chose their own partners at the beginning.  So Bella had to choose who she wanted for a partner: Edward or Jacob?  (I'm sure reading the article on Eclipse in Entertainment Weekly last night set me up for this dream.)  All the drama!  Who's going to die?  Added vampire and werewolf killing techniques to the arena.  It was so dramatic!!!  Well, Bella chose Jacob as her partner because she had enough faith in Edward to know that he would protect her without being her partner.  So her choice gave her two allies.  Who needs to see Eclipse when you have a dream like that!

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