Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson

Let me start here: I recommend it.  To moms, dads, grandparents, school teachers, social workers, etc.
  • The beginning is a bit slow.  Don't give up on it; get to chapter 4.
  • Sometimes his writing is more conversational than textbook.  It is a matter of taste whether you prefer this or dislike it.  Either way, he presents a lot of great material.

Get ready to learn about the:
  • Scientific differences between boys and girls
  • Breakdown of the family affecting boys
  • Immense importance of the father
  • Importance of parents' presence in their kids' lives
  • Origins of homosexuality
  • Masculine confusion
  • How to counter the culture
  • Parenting and discipline tips
  • Importance of pointing our children to Jesus Christ
In my opinion, the best way to read this book is with a like-minded friend.  Read one chapter a week, and then get together to discuss it.  That's what my sister and I did.  We not only learned information, but applied it to our parenting.  
My sister and her husband were struck by the realization that he was working a ton and neglecting all of his vacation time.  He stepped back from work and scheduled a vacation day to visit relatives with his wife and son.  
The book showed me the importance of boys learning masculinity and doing "man" things.  I switched our morning routine from watching "Curious George" to "Handy Manny," and I started letting my boys use real screwdrivers to unscrew screws out of the window handles and screw them back in again.  

I hope you pick up a copy.


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