Thursday, July 29, 2010

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

What do you think of the two very different covers for this book?

My YA book club discussed this book last night, and we had a great meeting.  We used this helpful discussion guide.  From the title alone, two of the ladies expected the book's topic to be "Should I stay with my boyfriend or not?"  Boy, were they surprised!  The actual topic is: "Should I stay alive or die?"  High school senior Mia and her family are involved in a horrific car accident that leaves Mia's body in a catatonic state.  However, Mia is able to view her own body and learns that she holds the key to life or death.  What will she decide?

The reason I chose this book is because of Natasha's Maw Books Blog.  She specifically pointed out that Mia really loves her family and that is rare is YA literature.  Mia does love her parents and her brother.  In fact, she'd rather spend time with her family than go to some party.  (Parents of teenagers rejoice!)  Mia also loves her boyfriend, Adam, with a mature love that transcends their differences.  Great examples of love.

Religion is not a part of Mia's decision-making process.  When she considers "leaving" it is to reunite with family members.  No mention of heaven or hell.  I'm just saying, you might want to think about that stuff before making that kind of decision.

Interestingly enough, the book includes a detailed flashback about an atheist (a family friend) and his funeral.  LSS: Man is atheist. Dies. His family gives him a Christian funeral.  Mia's mother vocally complains about the absurdity of the funeral and the denial of man's family to accept the kind of person he was.


Clearly, the book is not written from a biblical world view.


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  1. Thrilled that you picked this book for your book club Heather! I actually haven't seen the other cover. I think I rather like it.


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