Friday, August 20, 2010

The Birthday Ball

I picked up this book for two reasons.  1) It's by Lois Lowry, winner of the Newbery medal for The Giver and Number the Stars (one of my favorite books).  2) It looked cute!

This is a very fun read for elementary school girls, especially ones who enjoy all things princess!  The whole time I read it, I thought, "This is a great read-aloud book."  You could easily read a chapter a night before bed to your kids.  Plus Lois Lowry includes many fun word plays that would make reading it aloud very fun to hear!  For example, the princess's cat's name is Delicious.  The princess says things to her like, "Don't be suspicious, Delicious!" or "It's nutritious, Delicious."

The only thing that really bothered me from the book involves one (or two) of the suitors.  (You see they are conjoined at the hip.)  They love "bathroom humor" which is fine because really, what kids don't?  The only joke I didn't care for was when they laughed about going to the "balls."  And then they laugh at the word balls.  In my opinion, that is past bathroom humor and onto male anatomy.

Beside that, it's a great, fun book!  I recommend it.


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