Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finishing Bloggiesta

The party is over.... and I'm tired!

Goals I accomplished:
1. Write book review for Undercover.
2. Write book review for The Great Gatsby.
3. Write post about 2-day reads.
5. Mini challenge on There's a Book about using stats on your blog.
6. Politely and kindly ask an author for an interview.
7. Make a list of the books I've read in the last year.
8. Update "about me" with genres I like to read
9. Finish reading Jumping off Swings. (I don't know if Natasha counts this as part of Bloggiesta. Anyone know?)
Extras I accomplished:
1. Added my first widget!
2. Found many new book blogs to follow
3. Connected with other book bloggers
4. Wrote book review for Jumping Off Swings.
5. Completed the mini challenge on community (leave comments on new-to-you blogs)
6. Ate Mexican for lunch on Saturday

What I didn't Accomplish/For Another Day:
1. Write post on being a Daniel reader
2. Ask second author for an interview/book giveaway for her upcoming book release.

Time Spent:
9.5 hours (My husband misses me.)

I had a fabulous time!



  1. You got quite a bit done for under 10 hours of work!

    You've got an award by the by!

  2. Awesome work! Thumb up on the Mexican lunch!

  3. I love that you wrote "ate Mexican for lunch on Saturday" as part of what you accomplished for Bloggiesta! Haha - classic. That's great that you were able to get a lot done though. Bet your husband is happy to have you back. :) Have a wonderful week!

  4. ps. I don't have a blogger account, as you'll see if you click the icon, but could only sign in through Google.

    Here's my blog if you want to stop by -


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