Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggiesta Update

I am loving Bloggiesta! It's my first one, and it's oh so fun. Thank you Natasha.

Here are a few things that have been happening in my house this weekend:
1) On Friday, my husband looked at me flabbergasted every time I said the word bloggiesta.
2) We went to a pool as a family and enjoyed the hot summer day (not technically summer, I know).
3)Today, my husband finally asked me what a bloggiesta is and listened patiently as I explained it.
4) We ate Little Caesars Pizza for supper since I realized at 4:30 pm that I had not even THOUGHT about what we would eat. Oops.

Bloggiesta is great fun! But note to self: next time, put dinner in the crockpot.

Happy Bloggiesta Fellow Bloggers!



  1. that's so funny that it took your husband an entire day to ask what that odd word that you kept saying all of the time meant! I hope you're getting a lot done!

  2. You are welcome Heather! This post made me laugh. I love saying the word Bloggiesta! It's so fun!

  3. Pizza works! Happy Bloggiesta to you too!


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